Benefits of Steel

Here are some items to consider when developing a complete cost comparison between project materials.  Steel can be a powerful way to help owners and contractors save money today as well as in the future.

  • Structural steel, long considered the premier green construction material, is continuing to improve its environmentally friendly position by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The steel industry remains the world leader in the use of recycled material and end-of-life recycling, with the recycled content of the structural steel beams and columns produced at U.S. mills averaging 88% and a recycling rate of 98%.

  • Foundation costs can be less by using steel framing because it is lighter.

  • More rentable square footage can be obtained with longer steel spans, fewer and smaller columns.

  • Overhead costs for the general contractor can be reduced because of shorter construction time.

  • Because of shorter construction time, the interest costs on short-term financing can be reduced for owners and contractors.

  • Structural steel framing gives an owner increased income due to earlier occupancy.

  • Shorter construction time yields savings on current property expenses while owner is waiting to occupy new premises.

  • Changing occupancy requires the flexibility to meet new space requirements.  Steel makes this possible more easily and is therefore less costly.

  • Changes during construction are less costly.

  • Off-site prefabrication of steel frame means less labor costs, inspection, and construction time.

  • Costs can be reduced and flexibility can be obtained by using steel floor deck and steel under floor ducts for electrical and communication systems.

  • Steel beam web penetrations can easily accommodate mechanical ducts for heating, ventilating and air conditioning, thus reducing the total building height, all of which means less cost.

  • Protection against the effect of temperature changes or extremes is less with steel frame.

  • Less money is spent in material tests and construction inspection.

  • The quality of steel is predictable and reliable.

  • With steel construction, the costs of equipment and hoisting are included in the erected costs, and therefore, no allowance has to be added.

  • Steel’s unparalleled workability makes it the most versatile construction material developed by man.